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adapted from a March 6, 1997 post by Mia S Soderquist

-- Need a fully developed language in less than 2 days? Wrap some new words around the skeleton of your favorite natlang and *POOF* you'll have a language, and one that your language-hating friends will hate less than most too! (Linguaphobes hate it when you spring some kind of heavily inflecting OSV language on them. Trust me on this one.) Let's face it: if it is for fun or for an RPG, there ain't nothing wrong with a little relex.

--Just starting to construct languages and not yet fully confident? Relexifying is a place to start, and it is a great way to learn about the language that you speak every day! Don't let people make you feel stupid because you are "naive" or "ignorant" about language; just dig in and get your hands dirty.

--Thought about it a lot and you STILL prefer the way that your native language does "feature x"? Don't get creative out of guilt... Do what you feel works best for you!

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